About Brian Major

At a young age Brian was enrolled into a private school for the arts. For this New Hampshire native, life revolved around art, drawing, painting, and sculpting; in realistic and surrealistic styles. These exposures would expand Brian's artistic directions.

As a young adult Brian developed his private life, moving across the country to settle in Blaine, Washington with his wife, Diane and son John. He never stopped creating, building models, creating sculptures out of wax, and using what ever material he had available to work with, he always found a way to express his talents. He also did various commission portraits and sculptures.

For many years he also taught art classes in his studio, this was of personal importance to him to work one on one with aspiring young artists.

A deep devotion to the masters of the Renaissance and Baroque period would give rise to several bodies of work including detailed recreations and original plays on classic styles jumping from canvas to mural and beyond.

While Brian's style and focus have changed with time, his passion for art and his versatility as both a technical and creative artist are unwavering. Brian is fully capable of lending his talents to the vision and direction of a client, or creating very abstract, expressive reflections of his own unique but lovable personality.

Either way, the works he creates are sure to be a timeless treat for the viewer. And sure to set a mood, create passion, and enhance the lives of those who take the time to look.

Artist Brian Major has created a large body of work including; oil and acrylic paintings, murals, slate tile designs, chalk murals and now 3-dimensional wall sculptures.

His excellent work history in the Pacific Northwest includes a number of private and corporate commission projects (several for Bellevue Square / KDC), leading art teams, creating murals, and working on various special projects.

For the past ten years Brian has been the chalk muralist for the Bellevue Art Museum in which he created large murals and entertained crowds during the Bellevue Arts Fair. Brian performed during the grand reopening of the Seattle Art Museum where he recreated a 9' version of Taksahi Murakami's Flower Ball. He has also created chalk murals for the opening of the Seattle Library, Tacoma Art Museum, as well as several other locations in and around the Northwest, including Whistler BC.

Brian's paintings represent the current market trend. He keeps his palette fresh, in tune, all while maintaining fine art standards. He is a multitalented artist who is positive, professional and follows the direction of the client.

Please consider his work in your home, office and gallery.
Commissions are always welcome.